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The last several months have been a busy time for InSite.

After taking over executive roles at Rocket EMS — Marla as CEO, Jo as Chairman, and Scott in Sales and leading an investment round, the company was brought back back to sustained profitability and cash generation.

Under InSite's management, in particular that of Scott Parker in the CEO role, Times-7 was named Best Emerging Business for 2016 by the Wellington New Zealand Region.

Brad and Jo were awarded a patent for their work on bidirectional amplifiers in LiDAR instrumentation for wind measurement in wind farms.

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The same way that you have committed to your business, our commitment to you is to work together to improve your business in a way that is respectful, cooperative, and meaningful.

We work within companies to assess needs, develop strategic and operating plans, and execute those plans.

We are known for our technical skills, hands-on approach, and relentless focus on execution and results.

The InSite team, working together since 2008, has successfully unlocked shareholder value in technology firms from start-ups to public companies with over $1B per year in revenue.